Adventure & Safari
A trip to Egypt's oases will take you into the spectacular world of the desert. Surrounded only by sand and sky, you will feel time stand still as you enjoy camping under the stars while exploring Egypt's majestic deserts. The Western Desert is an exhilarating place to go on safari and explore the tranquility and grand beauty of its five main Oases: Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga and Siwa.


Desert trips and expeditions are a great way to link Egypt ís cultural treasures with the breathtaking landscapes that have inspired travelers over the years. Whether taking a day-trip, or spending a whole week exploring the desert and oases in the Bahareya, Siwa or the Sinai desert, expect to be mesmerized by the sunsets and scenery which await you.

Tour operators organize trips using 4x4 vehicles, trucks, horses and even camels. You can opt to spend the night at a traditional Bedouin camp or at one of the many camping facilities available.

The mountain chains surrounding the deserts extend an invitation for adventure and intrigue. The Sinai in particular offers some of the most beautiful terrain for hiking. Combine the sporting activity with a spiritual experience by planning a visit to the Deir el Banat Monastery in the of Firan Valley, or climbing Mount Moses or Mount St. Catherine. More Details




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