All Cities - Siwa

The sweetest oasis
Siwa appears at first as a sweet and innocent place deep in the desert which has just opened its eyes to the modern world and still let's itself be amazed.

View from the Gebel Dakrur, overlooking the oasis and the Birket Siwa in the distance, dominated by the White Mountain

The town of Siwa and the Shali at night.

Alexander's oracle
The Oracle of Amon is today mainly remembered for being visited by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE, when he was seeking confirmation that he was the son of Zeus (whom the Greeks associated with the Egyptian Amon).

Nobody knows what the oracle told Alexander, the answer was whispered into his ear. But it probably was confirmative; Alexander expressed ever since a wish to be buried at Siwa, and he embarked upon great conquests in the east, conquests that only a son of a god would dare to embark upon.

The oracle of Siwa was one of the 6 most influential in the known world of those days. It probably came into use some time in the 6th century, as an expansion of the up to 200 year older temple dedicated to Amon-Re.

The threatening entrance to the temple complex.

The temple itself. It is really very small, but as most visitors never were allowed to enter, just stand on the ground 12 meters beneath, it probably appeared to be quite impressive.



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