All Cities - Bahariya

ahariya Oasis is nothing compared to Siwa, but if you come here first, it has charm. The oasis is consisting of erratic colonies of palms. And you really never get an impression of this being an oasis, until you find an elevations, where the landscape of thousands of palm trees stretch out in front of you.

What I found most charming were the children of Bawiti, the capital of the Bahariya oasis. This place is something between a picturesque village and a dump. But the people around you, are beautiful. Me and some other tourists were adopted by a bunch of kids, running to and fro, pointing, explaining, looking interested at everything we did. Small girls with a finger in their mouths, small boys with a new jogging suit. Proud mothers came out, patting their children's heads, smiling to us, saying something in local Arabic dialect, probably "Welcome" or a blessing




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