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The Pyramids
So, you though the Pyramids were out in the desert, far away from settlements. When driving up to the pyramidal area you realize. Above the roofs the two largest pyramids rise up. From some angles you feel like they're coming down from the sky, just about to land on the houses of Giza.

The truth is not far from this. The residents area ends, then there is a border of shacks, before the bedrock carrying the pyramids rise some five meters above everything else.

Redjedef was a pharaoh of the 4th Dynasty and ruled for 9 years, from 2566 until 2558 BCE.

There is one more pyramid at Abu Ruash, discovered as late as in 1985. It appears as little more than a knoll, and is made from mud brick. It has been assigned to Huni (2637-2613 BCE), the last ruler of the 3rd Dynasty, and father of Snefru, the first ruler of the 4th Dynasty and builder of the first true pyramids.




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