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Bagawat Necropolis
The Necropolis of Bagawat is a reminder of one of the most central battles of early Christianity; the dispute over the nature of Jesus. The 5th century bishop Nestorius was exiled to Bagawat (as the village was called) for having claimed that only one of Jesus' natures had suffered on the cross; the earthly nature, not the divine.

The large extent of the Necropolis of Bagawat is the result of the his and his supporters' exile. The tombs here are believed to indicate that worship of the dead was continued in a Christian style. There are 263 mud-brick chapels climbing up a ridge, the oldest dating back two centuries before Nestorius, the last dating back to the 7th century.


Some of the tombs have courtyards, possibly used for ceremonies.

The tombs were originally plastered, but this is has since long disappeared



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