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One Day Camel Dive Safari to National Park  Gabr El Bint 

(About 15 km south of Dahab)

Code DIV.1/1

- Start 7 a.m. till about 6 p.m.
- hour with the jeep, loading everything on camels.
- About 1   hours breathtaking camel ride straight along the shore.
- 2 different dives at Gabr El Bint  - amazing coral garden  with a lot of fish.
- Between the dives: Traditional Bedouin lunch prepared and served by them (Grilled - Fish or Chicken , Rice, Salad, Tehina, Fresh baked Bedouin brown bread Bedouin - Tea, mineral water Vegetarian menu possible after request.
- After lunch  1-2 hours break.
- At Sunset return back by camel and Jeep.

One Day Camel Dive Safari to National Park Abu Galoom
(About 20 km north of Dahab)

Code DIV.1/2

Big Sand bar with lagoon and known for his very different dive sites with drop offs, beautiful colored gardens, and schools of fish - , about 20 small Palm tree Bedouin huts, no electricity, only reachable by camels or the long way by Pick up from Nuweiba.

- Start 7 am till about 7 p.m.
- hour by Jeep to the Blue Hole and then again breathtaking camel ride with one step already in the sea -  to Ras Abu Galoom about 1 hours.
- 2 different dives at Abu Aoda and / or The Garden (drop off + table corals with schools of bannerfish + Trigger fish.
- Between the dives like up.
- Food like up .
- Return like up also absolute amazing the Red Sea get red then!

One Day Jeep Safari to El Shahira National Park Nabeq

Code DIV.1/3

Absolutely fantastic coral garden full of fish.
- Start 8 a.m. till 5-6 p.m.
- 45 minutes by jeep , 15 minutes walk between high mountains and reef table  luggage get loaded by camels.
- 2 different dive sites.
- Between the dives traditional Be
douin lunch like up prepared by them.

2 Days Camel Dive Safari to National Park Ras Abu Galoom       Code DIV.1/4

1st Day

- Start 7 a.m. see up the 1 day CDs.
- 2 different divesites: Ras Abu Galoom or Abu Aoda or The Garden or El Khorat Mat.
- Between the dives : light meal with fresh baked Bedouin bread, salad, Tuna + Cheese + Bedouin Tea, Mineral water. Then 2 hours relaxing.
- After the second dive the traditional Bedouin dinner done by them.
- Staying overnight inside or outside a  Bedouin Tent, mattress and    sleeping bag provided a sunshade during the day is provided on the  dive spots.

2nd Day

- After breakfast with fresh baked bread, salad, Fool (Egyptian beans), cheese, Jam , Bedouin tea.
- 2 different dive sites: The garden or El Khorat Mat or El Halk.
- Between the dives : see up.
- After the second dive ; Bedouin Lunch see up.
- Camel ride back at sun set return at INMO about 6 p.m

2 Days Jeep Safari to Ras Abu Galoom                                            Code DIV.1/5

1st Day 

- Start 7 a.m. hour by jeep  + 1 hours walking straight along the shore again breathtaking beautiful! Camel available for an extra charge of 10 Euro, equipment get by Pick up to Ras Abu Galoom the long way over Nuweiba.
- 2 different dives + food like camel dive safari transfer between the dives by pick up or walking- (between 5 and 20 minutes).

2nd Day

- Like camel dive safari.
- Return by walking again at sun set the 1 hour to the Blue Hole and
then hour jeep ride back to Inmo around 7 p.m.

3 Days Camel Dive Safari to Ras Abu Galoom                                  Code DIV.1/6

1st Day   

- See the 2 days camel dive safari.

2nd Day 

- 2 different dive sites at El Halk or El Khorimat or El Hedli el Gabali or Wadi Rasasa transfer by camels between hour and 2 hours.
- Possibility to go by camel to the well (Quelle) Biir Ogda about 1 camel ride into the mountains and back.
- Food like 2 days safari.

3rd Day

- See 2nd day of 2 days safari.

3 Days Jeep Safari to Ras Abu Galoom and Ras Mamla            Code DIV.1/7
1st Day  - See 2 days car safari the first day.
2nd Day - 2 different divesites : El Hedu El Gabali or Wadi Rasasa or El Besha or Ras Mamla.
- 3 meals
- Times to Destination 20 to 45 Minutes by jeep or Pick up.
3rd Day
- See 2nd day of 2 day jeep safari.




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