Honey Moon & Wedding

Start your married life in the land of mystery and charm. Imagine exchanging your wedding vows in the land of Pharaohs. Indulge yourself as you honeymoon on the Nile, and spoil yourself like Cleopatra. Make it a reality.

You can honeymoon in a style fit for ancient emperors , pharaohs, and queens.  our trips tailored for honeymooners will make it the voyage of a lifetime.

Help us satisfy you. Upon your request , we can arrange for you The welcome Zaffa (procession that will resemble an Arabian /Egyptian wedding party) with a troupe of of dancers and musicians dressed with Egyptian typical clothes, welcoming guests by singing and dancing Egyptian Folklore. We will arrange a belly dancer as entertainment , along with a wedding cake. You can exchange the vows once again in a memorable ceremony , with a priest attendance as per your request.

  Royal Celebration  
There is no place else on earth where you can spend your honeymoon in a Royal style such as Egypt. A legendary celebration, in attendance of the high Priest of Heliopolis . walking in a lordly procession, escorted by the Royal Palace Guards, musicians are playing the trumpet announcing that his majesty and his beloved Queen have just come to cruise the Royal Lake in the Royal Yacht, Lotus Flowers are around to symbolize your immortal love, upon arrival at the Palace, Dancers start dancing on the tones of the harp as never before. Have you ever dreamt of celebrating like that. A majestic honeymoon & remarkable tours are awaiting.

  Classical Celebration  
Spend days watching timeless Egypt. While on board of A Luxurious Nile Cruise with your love. A traditionally flowery ornamented Horse Carriage at your beacon to start a dream of fantasy on board, And now start touring the wonders of one of the oldest civilizations known to man , extending on the banks of a non such fascinating River the Nile. A fabulous entertainment awaits.

  Bedouin Celebration  
Here you will experience a typical Bedouin style celebration in the desert at a famous Biblical Oasis. A stupendous tent will be set up equipped by small low tabled chairs. The sandy floor is covered up with elaborated handmade Rugs. The desert illuminated by moonlight and the stars. While the tent and its surrounding Mountains are illuminsated with candle lit transforming the venue into a timeless magical palace. Imagine this night of fantasy on the long white sandy beach. entertainment awaits.

  Nubian Celebration  
The most celebrated honeymoon ever Known in the world, a very unique one. Celebrate your honeymoon in a warmly style in the heart of Land of Gold, Nubia. Warm and white hearted people will share your very special celebration.
Professional Henna " temporary tattoos " Makers will prepare the Henna and draw on the Bride's hands and feet beautifully ornamental designs. Music & drums will be played announcing the start of a magical night. A Night of Entertainment complete with whirling Nubian Folkloric dancing.



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