Hotels In Sharm el Sheikh

P L E A S E  R E A D  C A R E F U L L Y  T H E  F O L L O W I N G  N O T E S:

Rates when available are vaild till 30.04.2006 except of peak periods mentioned below.

These prices are in Euro and available only through Sultana Tours service. These prices are not available directly at hotels due to standard hotel agreements in Egypt, these prices are regretfully not valid for Gulf, Arab and Japanese market.
Prices when available are per person per night in Euro in a standard double room a private bath or shower, breakfast and all taxes included. Unless noted HB = Half Board
Rates: We make a great effort to provide the best Hotel rate. We offer some Hotels with rates, in case we do not provide a rate on our Sultana Tours - Egypt site, it is because we always renegotiate prices to provide our clients with the best available rates and services possible. If you find a Hotel of your choice and need to make an inquiry, get the best rate and check availability please Contact us or click on Hotel name below to order.
Peak Periods: dates might differ in some hotels! but usually peak periods are:
  • In Summer season:
  • From 15th July till 31 August and 1st - 31st October.
  • In Winter season:
  • X- mas & New year date: ( from December 20th till January 10th).
  • Easter date: (from April 1st till 22nd).
  • Bairam Holiday (February 2005).
Children Policy - Below are general children policies, there could be some slight changes from one Hotel to another.
For Hotels:
  • Under 4 years old - FREE accompanying parents
  • From 5 till 12 years old - FREE accommodation pays 50% on meals.
  • Second child from 5 to 12 years enjoys 50% of the adult's rates.
  • Some Hotels offer a "FAMILY PLAN" 1 room for parents + 2nd room for children (both rooms are calculated as single room rate).

For Domestic Air Flights:

  • Up to 2 years old pays 10% from adult ticket
    From 2 till 12 years old pays 67% from adult ticket.
    From 12 years old and older pays 100% adult ticket.

E G Y P T  H o t e l s  D a t a B a s e :

Sharm El Sheikh Hotels (Namaa Bay area)

H o t e l  N a m e

Hotel Rates in USD Category


Hotels in Bold have more descriptions

Normal Period

Peak Period

In Star


Kiroseiz 41 € Namaa Bay
Conrad 5 Ras Nosrani Bay
Jolie Ville Movenpick Resort
Four Seasons Namaa Bay
Sheraton (sea View) 39 € 5 Namaa Bay
Marriott Beach 63 € 5 Namaa Bay
Marriott (mountain view) 41 € 5 Namaa Bay
Domina Coral Bay  
Hilton Fayrouz 55 € 5 Namaa Bay
Hilton dreams Beach 50 € 5 Namaa Bay
Hilton water falls 44 € 5 Namaa Bay
Sofitel Sharm 47 € 5 Namaa Bay
Noria 41 € 5 Namaa Bay
Solymar Belvedere 65 € 5  
Naama Bay Hotel 5 Namaa Bay

Ghazala Beach

40 € 4 Namaa Bay
Novotel Coralia Hotel 40 € 4 Namaa Bay
Sharm Holiday 4 Namaa Bay
Helnan Marina sharm 47 € 4  
Kahramana 31 € 4 Namaa Bay
Sanafir 4 Namaa Bay
Hostmark oriental resort  
Falcon El Diar Hotel 4 Namaa Bay
Halomy 33 € 3 Namaa Bay

Sharm El Sheikh Hotels (Shark`s bay–Nabq bay-Ras Nosrani)

Hauza Beach Resort (all Inc.)     5 Nabq Bay
Domina Gardenia Plaza 34 €      
Holiday Inn 36 €      
Coral Beach Tiran 36 €      
Jolie Ville Movenpick Golf Res     Um Marikha
Intercontinental     5 Um Marikha
Hilton Shark bay resort 55 €   5 Sharks Bay
Horizon 23 €      
Baron resort Sharm     5 Sharks Bay
Palmyra Resort 29 €   5 Far garden
Pyramisa Sharm     5 Sharks Bay
Radisson Sas     5 Nabq Bay
Savoy Sharm (HB)     5 Sharks Bay
Laguna Vista 66 €   5 Nabq Bay

Sharm El Sheikh Hotels (Om E Sid Hill)

Ritz Carlton     Om Sid Hill
Dreams Beach     5 Om Sid Hill
Beach albatros sharm     5  
Iberotel Grand Sharm 47 €   5 Om Sid Hill
Iberotel Palace 57 €   5 Old city
Aida Beach     4 Om Sid Hill
Falcon Hills     4 Om Sid Hill
Amar Sinai 29 €   3 Om Sid Hill
Tropicana Tivoli     3 Om Sid Hill
Mercure Luna 22 €      
Iberotel Club Fanara 68 €      
Three Corneas Saint George 31 €      

Taba Hotels (North East Sinai)

Sea Star Resort     4 Taba
Three Corneas Elwekala Golf 28 €      


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