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Egypt Kitesurfing ~ Egypt Kite Surfing
Kitesurfing in the Red Sea really is a magical experience.
There are few places in the world that you can kitesurf with such an incredible back drop.
The contrast of the deep blue sea and the desert takes your breath away - oh and its gets pretty windy too.
When you fly into Egypt the only thing you will see is desert and the beautiful turquoise water of the red sea. Hurghada is a original fishing village which has one of the best places to go kitesurfing.
Year round good climate and steady winds. Best wind during summer. Generally wind starts in the morning and will pick up during the day. When you are lucky wind stays the whole day. Also in winter no problems for kiting, only then more wind early in the morning. Mostly the wind will drop after 3 AM. Kiting on these clear warm (22 degrees - 28 degrees) waters in shorts makes Hurghada a paradise.

Ras Sudr is a small-undeveloped place, but an oasis for kite and windsurfers. Lying only 80 km from the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal is linking the Mediterranean with the Gulf of Aden. This saved the Europeans a lot of money with their journeys to Asia and further. This place is unique!.

The wind in Ras Sudr is almost perfect. Except for the Winter months, like December, January and February. The other summer months are perfect. Best months are June until September. During the winter months the change on wind is really small. So be sure and only go there during summer months. You don't want to sit there without wind. In Ras Sudr is really nothing to do.

The wind in Ras Sudr is blowing from the North-Northeast direction. This means sailing out with your right foot in front. The place were everybody is kitesurfing is in front of the Ramada hotel. Here is also a really nice centre of Club-Mistral. The turquoise-colored water in front of the centre is flat. For like 150 meters you can touch the sandy bottom. A little bit further the water gets choppier. At the right side of the centre is a nice lagoon. So this is perfect for beginners. The lagoon is about a 250 meters walk from the centre upwind. The water is really torquise especially on the lagoon. So if you kite there you will everywhere see the sandy bottom. Too bad that there are no coral reefs! So no big waves in Ras Sudr

Book a flight to Cairo. Then it is an almost 3 hours drive to Ras Sudr. This drive is very impressive. On the way you have multiple checkpoints. One is when you drive underneath the Suez Canal and one if you change continents from Africa to Asia. A lot of soldiers with weapons standing on these checkpoints! No problem but be sure that you have arranged your drive from Cairo to Ras Sudr!

You can combine your kite or windsurfing holiday with a trip to the sights in and around the capital of Egypt. This can be limited to a day. The pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian museum are the most popular to see.

Ras Sudr is going to be further developed. But now the nightlife is death. You can drink beer or wine in the hotel but nothing more then that.



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