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Temple of Mentu

The Temple of Mentu is seriously closed to visitors, but with a promise of not entering you will possibly be allowed to take it in from the top of the mound diving it from the Precinct of Amon. There is not very much to see, but the gate is in excellent condition.

The Temple of Mentu was not a lone temple, and within what seems like one structure there were also small temples dedicated to Amon, Harpre and Osiris.
The Temple of Mentu was built by the command of Amenophis 3 of the 18th Dynasty (15th century BCE) and some of his cartouches have survived.



Temple of Ptah
Delightfully overlooked, the Temple of Ptah is in excellent condition with some of the finest carvings at all of Karnak. Few tourists seem to take time for the short walk over here, so if you do, you will have it all to yourself.
The core of the temple was created by the command of Pharaoh Tuthmosis 3 of the 18th Dynasty (15th century BCE), but it would see several addition over the following 1500 years.

One interesting fact about the additions performed by the command of Ptolemaic rulers is that they actually reconstructed the original structure, rather than adding their own cartouches.
Two statues are in place in the most sacred sections of the temple, one headless of Ptah himself and another of Sekhmet. Sekhmet's statue is placed in the chapel dedicated to Hathor.



The outer hall, now without walls and ceiling.





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