Luxour - Musuem   
The small museum at Luxor is a beautiful building for the display of beautiful sculpture. The pieces are from the Middle and New Kingdoms. The displays are quite dramatic, but the lighting is not very bright, making things difficult for the photographer. As in almost all such places, flash is prohibited.

Akhenaten was apparently deformed, with an extremely long neck and long narrow face, somewhat hunchbacked. The realistic representations he seems to have preferred caused some artists to depict everyone as looking like him. The famous head of his wife, Nefertiti, which was taken to Germany, shows that a good artist did not make this error.

I am grateful to Katherine Griffis-Greenberg and Joanna Aksamit for correcting some of the errors which I made in my initial composition of this page. Thanks also to Dr. Joern Osselman. who has suggested further changes, which I have made.

Tuthmosis 3 wearing the Atef crown. This block is from a huge temple wall at Hetshepsut's Temple.

Internal organs were removed from the deceased, treated and placed in canopic jars.

Statue of Amenophis 3 in black granite. The inscriptions on the base claims "Beloved of Amun-Re. Lord of Karnak".

Sobek and Amenophis 3 in a beautiful alabaster statue. Found at Dahamsha.

Life size statue of the goddess Hathor.



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