Desert Oasis Safari - Code OAS.2

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From Luxor Bahariya Oasis and White Desert

4 days Western desert Safari

 Day1: Tours: Arranged if time of arrival to Luxor permits this.
Transfers: Crossing the Nile River by the Ferry to the West Bank continue through the Western Desert to Dakhla Oasis.
Accommodation: Dakhla Oasis.
 Day2: Tours: Bashandy, Bilat and EL Quasr.
Transfers: Drive to Kharga Oasis.
Accommodation: kharga Oasis.
 Day3: Tours: Hibis Temple, El Bagawat ( the Christian Burial ground north of Kharga ), the Carpet Factory and the Old Town of Kharga.
Drive to the south of Baris Oasis.
Accommodation: Baris Oasis.
 Day4: Tours: El Zayan, EL Gewita, Temple of Dush.
Transfers: Return back to Luxor.
Accommodation: Luxor.


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