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Hurghada is where the Red Sea adventure all began. Windsurfers were coming here before there was an international airport, the 3-4 hour transfer from Luxor was worth it. Now it is a well established resort for windsurfers, divers and sun worshippers with the airport only 10 minutes away.
There is wind throughout the year, with some of the best in the Summer. It is also very popular in winter as it is a good break from the British climate. The original fishing village has now built up into an international resort with many hotels stretching along the coast to the north and south of the town. It is worth a visit to the old part of town at Sakalla where you will find the real Egypt.

A shallow launch that reaches 5m into the lagoon, guarantees a good start here into a perfect flat water area. Beyond the bay, with the wind blowing cross shore from the left, you will find a classic swell of 1m. The large beach is also particularly appropriate for learning to kite surf with plenty of space downwind.
Lying on the windward side of the bay, beginners will appreciate having the larger part of the bay in front of you without having to tack. Stocked with the latest Fanatic boards and Arrows rigs, the centre is only 15m from the water. PW also offer an excellent Move On instruction program teaching techniques from beginners through to advanced surfers.

The wind in the Red Sea is created by the difference in temperature between the land and sea. In Hurghada this is accelerated by the mountain range and a bit more by Giftun Island offshore. It will generally pick up during the day and can often start early and sometimes blow all day.



Hurghada is a must for those who want to learn to kite surf. There is plenty of space to practice flying the kite, body dragging and water starting in shallow areas. This extends far enough from the beach to allow 100m runs before getting into deeper water. Once your skill and confidence has built up, you will be able to blast out to a sandbar approximately 1km offshore. From there you can walk up wind

a little and head back to the beach. Even on the first runs you should be able to get back to the downwind end of the 2nd bay. It's no problem if you drift further downwind as there is another km of beach to land on.



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