Gods - Isis    


Love goddess, usually represented naked. Kadesh was introduced from the Middle East. Together with Min and Resheph she formed a triad.

Primordial creator-god who created human beings on a potter's wheel, as well as the donor of the Nile waters. Khnum was represented in the form of a human with a ram's head. Khnum is clearly the most important of the gods presented in this list, and was the main god at Hypselis, Esna, AntinoŽ and Elephantine.
At AntinoŽ his consort was Heket, the goddess of birth. At Esna, it was Neith, the war goddess.

Moon god represented as a human with a moon disk. Was one of the triad at Thebes, together with Amon and Mut. The main temple at Karnak was dedicated to Khons.

Female personification of the concept Maat. In this form, Maat was thought of as Re's daughter. There were exclusive dedicated cults to Maat, the goddess.


Goddess related to child birth, protection of the newly born and of individuals's destiny. She was the personification of the tile used by women giving birth for kneeling.

God of virility and fertility, as well as creation, represented with the shape of a phallus. Main cult centres were Coptos and Akhmim.

Sacred bull of Heliopolis.

The principal god of Thebes, before the rise of Amon. Month was represented as a falcon, and was also a thought of as a parallel to Horus.

Minor goddess, but important as the wife of Amon in the triad of Thebes. But she was also closely related to the aspects of the sun. In early stages, she was represented as a vulture, later as a human being.

Goddess represented with a serprent's head. She represented the counter-heaven, the wife of Nun, and central in the Hermopolitan cosmology.

Youthful god of secondary importance in myths and cult, except that he was part of the triad of Memphis, together with Ptah and Sekhmet. He is often represented as a young man sitting on a lotus blossom, and sometimes as a young sun.

War-goddess represented in a human form. In other contexts she is a goddess of strong sexual qualities, being either bisexual or the mistress of the primeval waters.

Goddess of southern Egypt, resembling Edjo (which was of northern Egypt) and linked to her. She was also the protector of the king.

Rather unimportant goddess, yet one part of the main cult gods of Heliopolis. She was the child of Geb and Nut.

God of corn, from which he was personified.






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