Gods - Serapis


Goddess worshipped on Elephantine, and wife of Khnum. She was the dispenser of cool water coming from Elephantine. She was depicted wearing a crown and two gazelle horns. At a later stage she fused with Sothis.


Mistress of war and diseases, usually represented with the head of a lion. She was hence closely connected to the other feline goddess, Bastet, but with a benevolent character. She was part of the triad of Memphis, together with Ptah and Nefertem.

Goddess protecting life, as well as of the dead. She was represented as a scorpion, without human form. She was paralleled to Neith, Isis and Thermuthis.


Goddess of the arts of writing, and of books. She was sister or daughter of Thoth, and paralleled to Isis in later periods.






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