The pyramids may have been a king's way of impressing the gods, his way of assuring himself a position as close to the divine world of the eternal world cycle. Also, the pyramid was at first though to give ultimate protection for the content of the tomb against grave robbers.
The shape is generally believed to reflect the 4 corners, or directions of the world: Where the sun rises (east), its highest point (south), where it sets (west) and the point where the sun reaches its lowest point (the opposite of south; north). The summit of the pyramid is the unity of the 4 corners.


Pyramid of Zoser at Saqqara Pyramid of Snefru at Meidum
Snefru's Bent Pyramid at Dahshur
Zoser Snefru Sneru

Snefru's Red Pyramid at Dahshur

Pyramid of Cheops at Giza

Pyramid of Chephren at Giza

The Red Pyramid Cheops Chephren

Pyramid of Mycerinus at Giza

Pyramid of Sahure at Abu Sir

Pyramid of Neferirkare at Abu Sir

Mycerinus Sahure Neferirkare

Pyramid of Unas at Saqqara

Pyramid of Teti at Saqqara

Pyramid of Pepi 1 at South Saqqara

Unas Teji Pepl 1

Pyramid of Seostris 2 at Illahun

Pyramid of Amenemhet 3 at Dahshur

Pepl 2 Sesotris 2 Amenemhet 3


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