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The Red Sea is one of the areas which lends itself best to exploration equipped simply with fins, mask and snorkel, an activity known today by the name of snorkeling.

Its seabottom is, characterized by reefs which emerge from the water, or are semi-submerged, allowing tranquil and complete observation of this extremely rich environment and its inhabitants even to those who limit themselves to swimming on the surface.

The first few meters of the reef are the richest in life and colour, a megalopolis where a large part of the fish and animals of this sea are concentrated. Small descents of only a few meters holding one's breath enable one to discover the inhabitants of the caves and sandy bottom, a swim in deeper waters may provide exciting surprises like encounters with large pelagics and predators like barracudas and sharks.

Very little equipment is necessary: a good mask which is securely watertight, a not excessively long.

snorkel and a pair of fins which have different models.

The best fins for snorkeling are those with a closed shoe which are not excessively long or rigid, even if this depends on individual musculature and practice.

Precious advice for snorkellers is to wear a complete protective garment, composed of jacket and trousers which protect the body from contact with corals and with the many stinging animals.

Hands should also be protected with a pair of cloth or leather gloves, as to avoid touching scorpionaeds and other dangerous sea life.

A knife, a torch with batteries, control instruments and a few spare parts for the equipment must not be forgotten

Scuba diving opens the doors to a marvelous world; it is so easy and within the reach of everyone.

In the most famous centers in the northern part of the Red Sea there are a great many schools and Diving Centers which teach the basic rules of diving and issue the relevant international certification in less than a week.

As general advice on equipment, remember that the taps and fittings of the compressed air cylinders are usually single attachment.

As to the thickness of the neoprene, it depends on the season and the latitude. In the Sudan and the southern Red Sea, a 3 mm wet suit may be sufficient all year round. In the northern part of the Red Sea, from December to April, it is advisable to choose a 5 mm hooded model.

About Snorkeling
Snorkeling and free diving in the Red Sea a way-of-life in Egypt, and most guides have been exploring the sea's depths since they were small children. As a result, they know where to go to give you a truly memorable snorkeling adventure.

Our guides especially enjoy snorkeling with children. Their enthusiasm and sense of wonder are contagious and sometimes make the guide's trip even more enjoyable for them than they are for you.

Crystal clear indigo blue water, white sand, vibrant living coral reefs, tropical fish, sometimes even dolphins and turtles - what more could you ask from on a snorkeling trip? Or how about someone who can make sure that you understand what you're seeing, and can lead you to the best snorkeling spots?

We believe a snorkeling trip should be more than just gazing underwater through a piece of plastic. That's why snorkeling trips are included on every day on our boat a knowledgeable crew that helps you to better understand the reef environment. Snorkeling is a great introduction to the underwater world.
The use of a snorkel enables you to witness the

spectacle of a shallow coral reef for extended periods of time without the burden of lifting your head from the surface in order to breathe.

But there's nothing to it . . . we've heard that comment often.
The truth is, there are a number of skills to learn which will make snorkeling easier and more enjoyable; And having the right snorkel equipment makes a great difference.

Basic snorkeling Equipment

This is the most important piece of equipment you'll own. Comfort and style are important, and with a snug, watertight seal, your mask should not leak.

A good snorkel has a soft mouthpiece and lets you breath normally. Look for a contoured fit to reduce drag. A purge valve will allow you to clear water easily. Some snorkels have a second valve or splash guard which keeps water from waves breaking around you from entering the snorkel.

The right fins are also important. A comfortable fit along with a design matched to your physical size and level of physical fitness, will ensure hours of effortless cruising. You'll need to decide between full-foot or strap fins with boots.





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