Birding Tours:

occupies a significant strategic geographical position as a bridge between continents offering migratory species the perfect route for their annual flights from Europe and Asia.

A wide variety of Egyptian habitats ranging from high rugged mountains to desert and tropical style jungle along the Nile basin, give it a unique character plus the diversity needed to attract an extremely wide range of bird life.

There are over 430 species of birds found in Egypt with about 150 being resident.  The others are annual visitors from Europe and Asia with the primary migrations south in the fall and the return in the spring months.  In conjunction with Conservation Outdoors Inc. (an international wildlife and habitat conservation group) we have chosen the peaks of these migrations to afford birders a vacation with the maximum chance to view and photograph the widest variety possible.

WHEN TO VISIT: In spring, during March and April, and between September and December.

WHERE TO WATCH BIRDS: There are a number of habitats in Egypt that are especially suitable for birds, including: the Nile River Valley, but many others as well. There are approximately 150 resident breeding bird species in Egypt. They are mostly song and water birds confined to the Nile Valley, the Delta and to some of the western Oases. 

Birding tours can be combined with any other kind of tours, such as classical tour, Nile cruise, safari etc. We can tailor your itinerary as per your request.


Birding Tours
is more and more popular in Egypt as Egypt is on the migratory path of many species of birds. While birds are found throughout the Nile Valley and Sinai, the most popular areas appear to be near Aswan, and the Northern Sinai. Nature Tours occur in Sinai, and specially in the mountainous region of middle Southern Sinai.



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