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Aswan High Dam
construction in southern Egypt, that exploits the water of the Nile. The construction was started in 1960, and fully finished 10 years later. The Aswan High Dam became an expression of political tensions in those days financed by the help of the Soviet Union, few years after the war inflicted upon Egypt by Israel, France and Britain. Of the total cost of US$1 billion, about 1/3 seems to have been a gift from the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union provided 400 technicians for the work. The lake that grew gradually from the construction, is called Lake Nasser, in honor of the president Gamal Abdel Nasser, who died the year the dam was finished.

The embankment is 111 meters high, with a width of near 1,000 meters. Lake Nasser is 480 lm long and up to 16 km wide. The power station has a yearly output capacity of 2,1 gig watts, but the full capacity cannot be exploited due to a lower water level in Lake Nasser than the full capacity.

Nearby, about 6 km north of the High Dam, lies the older Aswan Dam, from 1902. This was modernized in 1960, and is also producing electricity.




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