Gods - Seth


Not really a god, as much as an aspect the lifespan given to each living being, together with its fate. But at Hypselis, Shay came to be the object of a cult, in association with Khnum.


God that kills dangerous animals and is in general helpful is referred to as "The Saviour". Shed is represented as s youthful god, and often associated with Horus.

God of the air and bearer of heaven. In some contexts, Shu is even considered to be the sun.


Not really a god, but more a personification of qualities like creativeness of mind and speech, together with the quality of divine knowledge.


Sobek was one more primordial god and involved in creation. He was represented as crocodile, and the cult centres were at Ombos and in Fayyoum Oasis. He was merged with Re to form Sobek-Re.


God of artisans and of the dead. Sokaris was worshiped at early stages at Memphis, and she was represented as a falcon. Sokaris was also associated with Ptah and Osiris.


God protecting the eastern borders and of foreign lands. Sopdu was revered in southern Egypt, and represented in the shape of a falcon.


Goddess overlooking the flood waters of the Nile and the beginnings of every new year. Was associated with Isis, and at a later stage fused with Satis. At late periods, Sothis was worshipped as Isisothis.


Most probably, personification of moisture.


Goddess of fertility and harvest, and of fate. Thermuthis was represented as a serpent. She was the mother of Nepri.






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